Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Flat or Round: Still Seeking the Answer

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Edward Hessler

On Saturday, November 25 2017 Mike Hughes hopes to disprove what he believes is a conspiracy.  That conspiracy is the roundness of the earth and involves astronauts. He has either dismissed the history that shows the earth is not flat or does not know it.

Hughes, AKA Mad Mike Hughes, has constructed a steam-powered rocket in which he will ride to gain the evidence he is seeking. He has flown one before and was injured in the landing (parachute assisted) from which he recovered. The launch ramp consists of a modified a used motor-home. Two major parts--launch ramp and the rocket--in the price range of $20,000.

The aim is to reach an altitude of 1800 feet during which he will take pictures to provide the evidence he is seeking.

The rocket is painted with Rust-Oleum paint in a brilliant red with signage that reads research and flat earth in large bold lettering. This refers to the major group sponsoring the flight.

Of the announcements and stories I've read, there are two I like.

Washington Post's essay by Avi Selk includes a video about the project, the video in which he was injured and a link to a story about Cleveland Cavalier basketball player, Kylie Irving, a kindred spirit.

NPR's Colin Dwyer fills in details and provides additional information. Dwyer also includes a Go-Pro video of the flight in which he was injured.

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