Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Infinte Monkey Cage: The 100th Episode

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I don't listen to the BBC comedy/science show, The Infinite Monkey Cage. The program is also on television but can only be seen in the United Kingdom. It is wildly funny and irreverent.

Comedian Robin Ince and particle physicist Brian Cox serve as the hosts and moderators of a distinguished panel which changes from program to program. Program 100 included some monkey cage alums. The topic for this celebratory show was about the biggest scientific discoveries/findings made between the first episode (November 2009) and this one. There was a guest from this side of the pond, Neil De Grasse Tyson. There is a final panel on "everything else" that occurred. The program also included an ecclesiastical corner, too.

And of course it ended with a birthday cake. Those candles may make you think about laboratory safety but at least the fire lighter--a chemist, I think--was wearing laboratory glasses. And the colors are beautiful.

This program includes a banger of a song by Eric Idle (Panel 1). It is not to be missed--lyrics to tie tongues--and may leave you breathless.

Here is Eric Idle singing the song from which the title is taken. Do you think a monkey might be able to write the complete works of Shakespeare if given an infinity of time? I think monkeys have better things to do.

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