Monday, August 5, 2019


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Edward Hessler

The time of year when there is a great variety of stuff on a stick--the Minnesota State Fair--is almost upon us. The fair starts Thursday, August 22, and continues through Labor Day, on September 2.

I bike through the fairgrounds about once a day and signs of change are everywhere. Construction projects are winding down (including the repair of the cattle barn some of which collapsed under its load of snow this winter and a brand, new building on the north end of the fairgrounds), benches have been deployed, hanging petunia baskets at the main entrance are in their glory, erection of temporary shelters for exhibits, etc.

I have my favorite buildings and exhibits. Among them is University of Minnesota's Driven to Discover (D2D) Research Facility. It is also a lovely building. The aim of D2D is to learn more about U of M research by participating in it. D2D is pretty much for everyone. There you can volunteer to participate in one of 54 ongoing studies during the course of the fair. Participation requires 10-20 minutes depending on the study. In return you will receive a small gift although not one is on a stick. However, one of the studies is "Brains on a Stick," and I suspect the gift is a picture of your brain.

For a full listing of the daily schedule and a description of each of the 54 studies, including eligibility requirements, see here. You will find a map of the fairgrounds as well.

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