Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Spring Warblers

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Ed Hessler

A small wood filled with spring warblers is shown in this video (6m 39s) from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to "help celebrate the imminent arrival of spring migrants" (upstate New York). We are taken there by two ornithologists, Jessie Barry and Chris Wood who share tips on birding and warbler-watching.

Whether you know any of these birds or all of them I think you will be captivated by their color, diversity and especially by seeing so many of them in such a small place. Barry and Wood call attention to the value of these habitat patches. They are not to be dismissed as they provide resting and "fueling" stations as the birds migrate to their northern summer homes.

There is a link to a map and a full list of what they found (66 species, 430 individuals), including a few notes about some of them. 

Whether "pishing" is a term new or old to you here is an interesting article on "pishing." It raises some interesting ethical questions as well as tells you birds for which it is most useful. 

Happy warbling!

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