Saturday, September 17, 2022

Where I Work

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Ed Hessler

This "Where I Work" (Nature) feature includes a frightening wrinkle, the first I've seen it mentioned in this series. 

Abdulrahman Bamerni, University of Duhok, Iraq writes "For me, this is more than just research: it’s also a way to defy the Islamist terrorist group ISIS, whose members tried to kill me. I’m proud to be here doing this; the pursuit of knowledge is my way of resisting ISIS’s extremism."

Bamerni's journey to his PhD included an assassination attempt from ISIS. 

Bamerni is interested in how the "dinosaurs' extinction played out" in Iraq. In 2020, he found the first cross section of rock in Iraq that meet the requirements of the change-over-time study of life changes in which he is interested.

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