Monday, October 17, 2022

MacArthur Fellows 2022

Environmental & Science Education, STEM, Nature of Science, Miscellaneous

Ed Hessler

Meet the recently announced 2022 MacArthur Fellows. 

I list the categories I devised which are very rough: sociology, history (2), engineering, ecology, demography, music including composition (3), chemistry, astrodynamics, health justice, ornithology, computer science, physics, medicine, mathematics, writing, art, demography. Each recipient of these is better described in the headline behind the photograph of each of the 24 awardees.

There are short descriptions of each winner at the MacArthur Foundation Fellows site where you may learn more about them - the short version, each recipient has a much longer video, and how the MacArthur Foundation describes them.

The links at the top top of the MacArthur Fellow page provide access to information about the MacArthur Foundation, the fellows, the program and FAQs. One of the unique features of this program is the awards are substantial, are disbursed over a five year period, and with no attached strings. The awards are often referred to as the "genius awards."

University of Minnesota scientist Steven Ruggles is one of the recipients.


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