Tuesday, December 20, 2022


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Ed Hessler

I posted yesterday about the behavior of tarantulas on the great plains. So I continue today with much more about their basic biology.

Zefrank's True Facts introduces us to Tarantulas with another accurate description and discussion with occasional humor thrown in. I'm not a great fan of his humor but love these videos. They are just first-rate. 

Below it you can find the documentation with citations to You Tube videos, spider experts, and citations. Zefrank's work is impressive. He pays great attention and thoroughness when it comes to true facts about the natural world. As usual, I recommend a quick tour of the comments and recommend you pick and choose from among the 4,181 comments at the time of this post. It probably is even longer.

Zefrank is brilliantly illuminating in the 15 m 48 s video.

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