Monday, January 30, 2023

A Morning of Crystals in Caversham Reading, UK

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Ed Hessler in Story #6 presents a stunning gallery from a day out and about, camera in hand, in a hoar frost weather event in Caversham, Reading.

After a splendid introduction, the camera let's the natural world shows her stuff.

"The day is December 11, 2022. After a night in thick fog and below-zero temperatures, my neighbourhood in Caversham, Reading was transformed into a World of tiny crystals! I knew I had to do something about it (!) so I grabbed my faithful Nikon D600 camera, put on a reversed lens for macro photography, and stormed towards View Island to capture the tiny crystals on frozen spider webs.

"My favourite photo is the first one. Small, delicate and ephemeral. A miniature of Life itself. Enough said!"

I'm glad the photographer told us his favorite, although instead of the comparison to pearls, I'd have chosen diamonds. The image is my favorite as well but there are close competitors. And all of them reveal that day in different ways.

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