Saturday, March 4, 2023


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Ed Hessler

Some of you may remember flipbooks and some of you may never have heard of them.

Flipbooks were once found in cereal boxes and as a Cracker Jack prize - physical objects, inside the package, no app necessary). But there is more to them than novelties for kids and baseball as this Wiki entry describes. They have a history - I learned that the Finnish passport design includes one.

Fortunately, flipbooks have not come to an end as you can see in this video from Science Friday.  Don't forget to "flip" to the links.

These flipbooks were "conceived in the Animation Department of the Royal College of Art, London" by clockwork and paper sculptor J. C. Fontanive," and are now handmade in his studio. The link - Fontanive's flipbook machines - has quite a few more and are of two kinds: motorized and hand-cranked.

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