Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Quantum Technology: A Bubble?

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Ed Hessler 

You are likely to agree with Sabine Hossenfelder's observation that "quantum technology (currently) attracts a lot of attention and money" both from government and business. This is her description of this presentation. "It’s also created a lot of hype, especially around quantum computing. But if so much of quantum computing is hype then why are companies like Google and IBM pouring so much money into it, what’ll happen when the investment bubble bursts, what’s the “quantum winter”, and what does it mean for all of us? That’s what we’ll talk about today." 

Hossenfelder refers to bra and ket notation, noting that most CEOs can't tell the difference. She is referring to bra--ket notation used to "denote quantum states." Wiki provides this comment on the lead section, namely that it "may be too technical for most readers to understand." Include me in that crowd.

Here is the blog post, video (20 m) and transcript but it is also on Hossenfelder's YouTube video which doesn't include the transcript  The discussion is on the hype she perceives and this example, quantum computing.



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