Saturday, November 25, 2023

The Story Behind An Unusual Poop

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Many of you either have field guides to animal tracks  (and thier poops) or have used one. 

Mine is old, almost as old as preserved fossil prints and/or fossilized poops. It is "A Field Guide to Animal Tracks " by Olaus J. Murie (Houghton Miflin,The Peterson Field Guide Series). It includes their poops, too, aka scats. Fossil scats are known as coproliths or coprolites.

I like Murie's field guide. The illustrations were drawn by him, most of them while in the field. So it is also a work of art which I still thumb through for pleasure and sometimes to check a scat I've seen. Murie was a native son who was born in Moorhead, Minnesota.

There is a You Tube video on wombat scats which are unique among animals. A real signature.

Here it is (6m 35s) which tells how wombats make such unique poops - a scoop on their poops and other aspects of their biology.

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