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Nature Podcast February 21, 2024

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Ed Hessler

Nature Podcast - February 21 2024

From the entry in Nature News, British science journal Nature, February 21, 2024

--At 00:45 Why are humans so helpful? About cooperation.

--At 10:55 Research Highlights. About the discovery of the discovery of an ancient stone wall discovered underwater AND teasing in great apes.

--At 13:14 The DVD makes a comeback

--At 20:10 Briefing Chat The famous fossil that turned out to be a fraud, and why researchers are making hybrid ‘meat-rice’.

Here is the article from the journal Nature by Benjamin Thompson and Nick Petric Howe which includes podcast access. This includes full descriptions, information about the publication on which the story is based, and often access to supporting materials and popular articles.

Here is the podcast in the event access is denied.  It is just the podcast.


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