Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Six Gardens

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Ed Hessler

From Future, The Collection (BBC) "six extraordinary gardens around the world" are shown and discussed. The featured gardens BBC journalist Cath Pound writes about are from "Garden Futures at Germany's Vitra Design Museum."

Cath Pound introduces her Garden Futures entries by telling us that the exhibit "showcases a number of unique spaces that take a much broader approach to what (gardens) can be. Whether promoting biodiversity, making innovative use of precious green space to feed and nurture a community, or drawing inspiration from popular culture to create a private fantasy world, they reveal that gardens have the potential to nurture, educate and entertain, all the while dazzling us with the sheer wonder of nature."

Pound's short tour was an "expectation buster" hemmed in as I was by "traditional" views of gardens (a variable category) and was pleasantly surprised. Garden Futures is a lovely, make-you-think exhibition.


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