Tuesday, June 11, 2024

The Frizzies: Some Chemistry

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Ed Hessler

In this Morning Cup of Joe (4m 12s), Joe Schwarz, Office for Science and Society, University of Montreal, discusses Olaplex, a hair treatment that "claims to repair damaged hair and  get rid of the frizzies."

There is an accompanying transcript.

The company site and this ForbesAdvisory with a 2024 update on a "lawsuit that was filed in 2023 (that) alleges that Olaplex caused users to experience hair breakage, hair loss and scalp irritation. It is also alleged that Olaplex engaged in a cover-up of this fact while reassuring its users that its products were safe. The plaintiffs say that if Olaplex had been honest about the complaints it was receiving, that may have prevented some of the people who were injured by the product from using it in the first place."

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