Sunday, September 20, 2015

Job Opening

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Environmental & Science Education
Edward Hessler

A friend of mine sent me the advertisement below which is from High Country News.  At first she and her husband thought it just might be a spoof. However, she noted that it represents about 7 column inches of advertising space which seems an expensive spoof.

I've left the buzz-words and cliches that she high-lighted.  She and her husband couldn't think of one that hadn't been used.  Any suggestions?  I looked for a way that serving our "guests" might be used.  This term is new to me. I heard for the first time earlier this week in reference to customers!

If she hadn't said anything about its source, I would have guessed it is from The Onion.  However, it is the genuine thing, a real advertisement and may be viewed here.

High Country News (HCN) is an important newspaper.  And this is an ad not reporting.  HCN's byline is "for people who care about the west."  It is also a newspaper for people who care and want to be informed about the environment.

I haven't looked at any job listings for environmental groups in a while but have we come to this? Apparently.

My friend ended her note by including a ps: bonus points if you have any inkling of what the heck this person will be doing....  There is a link below to the job but before you look,take a minute to consider what it might be about.

The Nature Conservancy - Deputy State Director
The Arizona Chapter is one of the largest and most dynamic in the US and in the spotlight for some of the most significant water, forest and desert work anywhere. This new leadership position is a compelling opportunity to impact Arizona's biggest conservation threats at a time when the Conservancy is poised to achieve at unprecedented scale. The Deputy State Director will lead the newly-formed statewide Conservation Leadership Group, which includes experts and programs for water, land, stewardship, science, protection, and conservation policy. S/he will partner with the State Director and Chapter Leadership to steer transformative nature conservation solutions aimed at the highest priority challenges in the state and region. S/he will focus internally to operationalize the vision by: facilitating development of high level strategy, empowering leadership and staff, trouble-shooting barriers, communicating and coordinating efforts to ensure results. In this role, s/he will be able to shape the job, organization and impact in ways never done before.

The ideal candidate will have at least seven years conservation practice, natural resources management or related experience. S/he must have successful experience at the senior level reimaging, integrating and overseeing large complex initiatives of strategic significance, aligning and enabling, cross-functional teams, serving as a catalyst, adaptive, creative approaches, with strong operational, process, program and systems management skills, and desire and know how to achieve results through others; bachelor’s degree required, nonprofit experience valuable. Salary is competitive, including excellent benefits and relocation assistance to Phoenix.

To apply or review a full job description, go to; reference job #43430, posted Aug. 20 -- application deadline is Sept. 30. The Nature Conservancy is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women, minorities, people with disabilities and veterans are encouraged to apply.

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