Saturday, January 9, 2016

Great Science Books Published in 2015

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Edward Hessler

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Symmetry Magazine, published by Fermilab/SLAC, describes 10 popular books on particle physics and astrophysics published in 2015.  It is a big year for Einstein (the occasion of the 100th anniversary of general relativity).

Science Friday also listed their picks for the best science books of 2015.  It includes contributions from Pulitzer Prize journalist, Deborah Blum and Maria Popova who is known for her blog, Brain Pickings.

The annotations on each list may be useful in making a decision about reading a particular book or purchasing it as a gift. The books are the products of practicing scientists and science writers.  Among the scientists in this group is Lisa Randall, a well-known theoretical physicist who is also an effective popularizer of physics.

Good reads!

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