Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April is National Poetry Month and April 21 is a Special Day

Art and Environment
Edward Hessler

By Anthony Anaxagorou
(Hard Drive) [Public domain],
via Wikimedia Commons

Each year the Academy of American Poets asks us--gives us a chance--to carry a poem in our pocket for a day. That day is April 21, the day before Earth Day 2016.

Pocket poetry day began as an initiative in 2002 of the Office of the Mayor, NYC, in partnership with the NYC Departments of Cultural Affairs and Education. In 2008, the Academy of American Poets took the initiative to the nation, "encouraging individuals around the country to join in and channel their inner bard." Here is a link to a PDF which includes the poems and some suggestions for celebrating poetry in schools, communities & businesses.

The poets are Louise Gluck, Joy Harjo, Juan Felipe Herrera, Edward Hirsh, Jane Hirshfield, Marie Howe, Khaled Mattawa, W. S. Merwin, Naomi Shihab Nye, Alicia Ostriker, Marie Ponsot, Alberto Rios, Arthur Sze, Jean Valentine and C. D. Wright.

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