Friday, February 3, 2017

New Yorker Cover, February 13 and 20, 2017

Art and Environment
by Edward Hessler

I have to be careful with my tendency to clip and save. I've gotten much better with the covers of The New Yorker almost all of which I find to be "keepers." I'm not so good with articles and essays, though.

A move from CGEE's old quarters (an old, drafty, tilted, sometimes leaky house) to what was the book store at Hamline where we now live in cubicles forced me to recycle a lot of paper. I made some mistakes but life goes on.
New Yorker, 2017

Next week's cover of The New Yorker is one I'll keep once I receive the issue although I hope it doesn't arrive too soon since I'm trying to read the current issue. The new cover touches heart, soul and mind.  Here, art is worth more than those proverbial thousand words which is not always the case.

The cover for February 13 and 20, 2017 is an annual anniversary issue (92 years old) and traditionally the cover features a "version of Rea Irvin's classic image of the monocled dandy Eustace Tilley."

Flame Out was painted by John W. Tomac.

In addition there is a small gallery of past Eustace Tilley covers.

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