Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Poem

Art and Environment
by Ed Hessler

Today's poem is by Jim Culleny.

Read it while drinking a cup of coffee. Tea will work, too. As will a glass of water. You don't need to drink anything but drink it up. The poem in my view is good to the very last drop.

[Wikimedia Commons]

Mr. Culleny is poetry editor of 3QuarksDaily. Man, he knows poetry and has introduced me to many poets. I look forward to his choices. He also writes fine poems. Here is a little about him (scroll down) and the blog, 3QuarksDaily.

And about those quarks. Murray Gell-Mann named a group of elementary atomic particles "quarks". They are fundamental parts of matter. About the choice of this name he wrote:

The mathematics clearly called for a set of underlying elementary objects — at that time we needed three types of them — elementary objects that could be combined three at a time in different ways to make all the heavy particles we knew. ... I needed a name for them and called them quarks, after the taunting cry of the gulls, "Three quarks for Muster mark," from Finnegan's Wake by the Irish writer James Joyce.

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