Monday, June 5, 2017

Gorilla Doctors.

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Edward Hessler

I don't have television so miss many things that are well known to almost everyone.  This may be one of them. However, I don't mind the trade-offs I've made.

So, full disclosure, it is quite likely that I'm posting something you've seen. It is a 60 Minutes report on being a veterinarian in the jungle with some very special and important patients: gorillas.

I keep hoping that such well-paid, widely traveled, well-educated reporters with more resources and help than most of will ever know would ask more interesting questions and make fewer statements of the obvious. "How would you rate the quality of your work as an organization?" "Are you a good shot, Eddie?" (This one has a nagging edge. "Did it hurt?" "Is there a pressure to move as fast as you can?" "There was a sense of urgency." So it goes.

The focus of the story is on a gorilla with an infected and deep wound on her wrist, the result of an encounter with a snare.

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