Saturday, August 12, 2017

Three Portraits from A Corner of Japan

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Edward Hessler

Japan's population is mostly urban, about 94% according to data cited in the introduction to a video made by Eiji Iwakawa.

In this film he shows three portraits of villagers who live in Yadorigi, a small village in southern Japan. Their lives may surprise you given the overwhelming urbanization of Japan. Each of them is likely to warm your heart.  Their lives are fascinating and their views often thoughtful. Who wouldn't want to know them?

It is long (30 minutes) but I hope you can find time to watch at least one segment. I liked them all (choosing to watch them in segments) but if you think you have time for only one my suggestion is pick one right out of the blue and let it serve as a place holder for the other two.

Who knows you may return later.

Three cheers!

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