Saturday, February 10, 2018

1/75 Minute's Worth of Science and Engineering

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Environmental & Science Education
Nature of Science
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Edward Hessler

Science Action! is a Canadian video contest sponsored by the National Energy and Engineering Research Council of Canada. Each video is one-minute long.

The link will take you to the 75 remaining videos from which 25 will be chosen to go on to the next round (public voting). In the final round, 15 will be chosen (by a panel) for both a cash prize and to be featured in museum exhibits, science fairs and during Science Odyssey and Science Literacy Week. At least two are in French and one of them has subtitles.

You don't have to vote unless you want. These videos give you an idea of research at Canadian universities done by students in Canada. And some of the settings these researchers work in are silencing. Their glory rushes over and through you. On the other hand is a Ph.D. student out there surrounded by a cloud of mosquitoes threatening to drain her of blood or to carry her away.

These videos celebrate science. They also provide a glimpse of the nature of diverse scientific, engineering and maths/computing studies by students, both undergraduates and graduate students.

h/t: Thanks for the lead by Botany Photo of the Day.

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