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If you are a tweeter or a mere "listener" there is a new Twitter feed you might want to check out if you are interested in medical/biomedical reporting.

Four days after starting a new Twitter account and some 11 tweets and 40,000 followers later, James Heathers talked with Shraddha Chakradkar of STAT Morning Round about @justsaysinmicer. Each tweet is labeled at the top IN MICE.

Why he started the account: “Just find any press release on EurekAlert! or Medical Xpress or one of those. And see how long [into the story] it takes you to figure out animal research. And when it directly affects people a lot of the time — in my estimation at least — it’s too damn low.”
On the account going viral: “There’s lots of people yelling ‘in mice’ in their heads — it’s just more than I thought it was.”
The takeaway: “I hope people think it’s funny, and I hope it helps. That’s it.” Heathers is a methodology and data scientist at Northeastern University in Boston.

Chakradkar's complete interview is found here where you will find a link to IN MICE.

A good idea!

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