Monday, December 9, 2019

Why One Teacher Quit After 12 Years

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Edward Hessler

When I read this Facebook post by Jessica Gantz, a 12-year veteran of a Kindergarten classroom at Stone Spring Elementary School, Harrisburg, VA, I realized I'd heard these sentiments and thoughts from other teachers but not said as completely. Ms. Gantz quit but not for the reasons you might think although it is not uncommon. It is one of the reasons often mentioned on why teachers starting out leave the profession.

Gantz left for five reasons. Here is a taste of each. You can read her complete Facebook entry (It is not to be missed.) in which she further explains. It is clear that she is a thoughtful and caring teacher...committed to her work with young children.

1. The old excuse "the kids have changed". No. No friggin way. Kids are kids. PARENTING has changed. SOCIETY has changed. The kids are just the innocent victims of that.

2.  In the midst of all of this... our response is we need to be "21st Century" schools. 1 to 1 student to technology. Oh. Okay. So forget the basics of relationship building and hands on learning. Kids already can't read social cues and conduct themselves appropriately in social settings... let's toss more devices at them because it looks good on our website.

3. And since our technology approach doesn't seem to be working, teachers must need more training. So take away two planning periods a week. And render that time utterly worthless when it comes to ADDING to the quality of the instruction.

4. Instead of holding parents accountable... and making them true partners, we've adopted a customer service mindset. ... Well, here's the thing... I can't teach your child if he's not in school. I was cussed out by parents who wanted to attend field trips but missed the THREE notes that went home--and when they did attend a trip, sat on their phone the entire time. I've had parents stand me up multiple times on Conference Days.... I've had parents tell me that I'm not allowed to tell their child 'no'....

5. My mental and physical health was in jeopardy Knowing that your kids need and deserve more than they're getting. Sitting in one meeting after another, begging for 
more support, only to be told 'don't lose sleep over them'...  

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