Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Blind Mechanic + Blind Scientist

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Edward Hessler

"I'm blind," says Emeka Abugu (Nigeria),"and the most reliable mechanic in my community." The cause was untreated measles when he was a kid.

In a short video (2 m 42 s), the BBC talks with him about how he became a mechanic. Mr. Abugu also is a vocal advocate for vaccination. A remarkable person. 

P. S. Mona Minkara is a computational chemist who happens to be blind. She did a post-doc at the University of Minnesota and now has an appointment at Northeastern University. She has a wonderful blog with biographies of blind scientists in a a variety of disciplines.  There is a comic strip on this blog (under about) that describes her childhood and her education. Of course it includes a large red "M." 

She is also remarkable.

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