Monday, February 24, 2020

A Peril of Being a Homemade Astronaut

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Quite a while ago, I posted about Mike (aka "Mad" Mike) Hughes. It seemed inevitable then that he would die pursuing his quest to prove, as he put it, that the planet was flat. 

It was announced today, February 23, 2020 that he was killed in an attempt to launch the home-made rocket he was riding. The cause is unknown (but see below) as well as is the altitude he achieved. In March 2018 Hughes reached an altitude of ~ 572 m (1875 feet) in the Mojave Desert.

The Wiki entry on Mike Hughes notes that at the time of his death, "he was 63 or 64 years old. During launch, the rocket's parachute, which was designed for landing, appeared to deploy early and detach from the craft. The launch event was being filmed for the Science Channel television series Homemade Astronauts, in which Hughes was to star."

There are many other ways, all far, far safer as well as easier, to show that the planet is roundish, e.g.., the way ships appear and disappear on the horizon, a flight in a jetliner, photographs taken by balloonists and astronauts, a lunar eclipse but for Hughes none of these were not convincing..

Here is one of many news reports which includes some film of the flight. 

And here is an interview on Tosh-O with Hughes about his quest..

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