Friday, May 8, 2020

Friday Poem

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Edward Hessler

Greetings from St. Paul on this 129th day of the year.

The sun rises at 5:51 am and sets at 8:27 pm giving us 14 h 36 m 3 s of sunlight. Two hundred thirty eight days remain in 2020, 34.7% of the year has passed, it is the 17th week of 2020, and there are 43 days until the Summer Solstice.

May is the month when we begin the time of frost-free dates (see map). The Twin Cities lies in the borderland between May 15-21 and May 22-25. Every year the meteorologists and gardening experts warn us that even though the land is greening and there are hints of those soft summery days, not to start flower gardens. Some do and then consequences follow unless we cover them at night. Even then.... The last frost-free date in Minnesota is after June 25--a location near the top of the state. Brrrrr.

It is very important for all Minnesotans (or wherever you live) to do their following social distancing guidelines.--MN Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm(Star Tribune May 4, 2020)

Today's poem is by Julie Kane.

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