Friday, July 31, 2020

Friday Poem

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Edward Hessler

Greetings from Saint Paul, MN. It is the 2l3th day of 2020--30 weeks and 30 days are in our past. On a percentage scale this reckons to 58.20%. Sunrise is at 5:57 am and sunset at 8:39 pm giving us 14h 42m 09s of precious sunlight. A good day to celebrate a berry: National Avocado Day.

And if you wonder just what berries are, Wiki has a useful entry. There are more berries than you think although the definition is not the same as a botanical definition,

Quote: "Every 8–15 days, we have what I call ‘confessions’, where each student and postdoc tells me what they have been up to. I’m not so interested in the positive results – negative results are more important because they are about solving problems. You can ping-pong ideas back and forth during the discussion."-Janine Cossy, Organic Chemist, ESPCI, Paris (Chemistry World)

If you wonder what the preceding acronym stands for see here. It is quite a place.

Today's poem is by Robert Haas.

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