Saturday, December 12, 2020

14 World Leaders (the Ocean Panel) Make a Commitment to the Future of the Ocean

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Ed Hessler

A subheading to a just published editorial--World leaders are waking up to the ocean’s role in a healthy planet--in the science journal Nature on "an unprecedented and welcome commitment to use marine ecosystems sustainably" notes that the (findings published in Nature)--the result of a collaboration between the Ocean Panel and the Nature journals--examines the potential for sustainable, equitable and profitable growth in the ocean economy and what it would take to achieve this. The editorial is available as a PDF, too.

It is richly linked and includes four major sections: the panel; food, minerals and metabolites; empowerment and stewardship; and action. Metabolites are substances formed in or necessary for metabolism and this begs for another definition. Metabolism the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life. Both definitions are from Oxford Languages via Google.

The initiative is a powerful one because it was led by 14 world leaders and are referred to as the Ocean Panel.

A well-illustrated statement by The Ocean in Humanity's Future & World Aquatic Scientific Societies may be seen here. Nature describes it as an immersive and it is, for you can dive right in and swim as you like, saving other parts to swim in for another day.

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