Sunday, July 18, 2021

A Leopard And A Cow Video Corrected

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Ed Hessler

I went back and forth on whether to post this, not wanting to add to confusion but decided that it is important to set the record straight. And also as a reminder to not believe everything that is posted.

The video below came from a blog I frequent and trust. It turned out one of the stories wasn't exactly true and a correction was published next day. I was not surprised by such characteristic forthrightness. But I found the true story even more interesting and fascinating. 

First the original; second the corrections. I chose two, both different from the one the blog authors posted because there is more information.


A Pakistani farmer became curious about why a leopard was visiting one of his cows at night. 

He set up a camera to find out and the result is shown in this remarkable video (4m 13s).


I post two, here and here.

I hope I've not made matters worse. 

It is a good lesson for me, one that tells me there are some things I should check. On the other hand - isn't there always one? - , there are reliable sources who do some of this work for us. 

I'm grateful for that work, effort and care..

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