Thursday, August 12, 2021

The Delta Variant, Masks, and Vaccines

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Ed Hessler

I'd been looking for an article about the Delta variant that is comprehensive and based in science (evidence).

I receive updates from Imagine MD's Dr. Alex Lickerman on COVID-19. When he writes about COVID-19 he is guided by the science about the virus and the disease. He also practices medicine which made this report especially relevant.

His most recent post is about the Delta variant, masks and vaccines. He introduces the post by noting that "if you're interested in how we got to our conclusions than you are in the conclusions themselves...skip to the BOTTOM-LINE in each section and the CONCLUSION at the end."

Lickerman calls attention to one of our major limitations in thinking about COVID-19 and has been an immense problem throughout.  It is our heads (brains) which "are wired tons are wired to think anecdotally rather than statistically. This leads us to fear things we shouldn't fear, or to fear them out of proportion to the real risk of danger they pose to us, and to dismiss threats we should fear, or to dismiss them too offhandedly. As a result, we aren't making choices that maximally reduce our risk" (my emphasis).

Dr. Lickerman is a trusted source who knows the science and uses it as a clinician without going beyond it or making unsubstantiated claims.

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