Friday, September 10, 2021

Friday Poem

Environmental & Science Education, Poetry, Art and Environment

Ed Hessler 

Good morning from the Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE) 253rd day of the 2021 (69.32%). Minutes have passed:364,320 of them.

The sun rises at 6:45 am and sets at 7:32 pm with 14h 46m 33s of sun between whether cloudy or not. It is clear and sunny here.

According to Foodimentary, it is National Hot Dog Day. The average tells us that each of us eat. 60 a year but averages hide way too much. The real debate about "steak in a tube" is not mentioned: Chicago and New York City variants for which see here.

Quote: Democracy is inherently an institution based upon a mathematical operation---that of counting votes. Charles Seife, Proofiness.

I just recently was introduced to today's poet through the following poem. Here is Kamilah Aisha Moon's powerful poem about voting for the first time. And here a little more about her.

I'd not heard of Agnes Scott College and spent some time exploring the website, finding it more than worth the time.

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