Thursday, July 21, 2022

Bear Fight

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Ed Hessler 

Earlier this summer the Brooks Falls Low Cam recorded a fight between two brown bears - Bear 856 & Bear 39.

Mike Fitz discusses this fight in a Live Brooks Chat and answered viewers questions. Fitz, a former National Park Service Ranger, spent a good part of his career at Katmai National Park. He is now the resident naturalist for The discussion is 1h 09m 45s) so the event received the discussion it deserved. The slider allows you to advance if you want a quick overview or watch segments over again.

I always looked forward to his weekly discussions and interpretations of events on the bears of the Brooks River which were announced ahead of the event. I was not a regular viewer, so missed some, but there are "regulars" who are quite knowledgeable about the bears  and their comments were interesting to read.. Fitz still provides commentary, sometimes at Katmai and sometimes on video taken their. He is not at Katmai this bear and salmon season..

Fitz's website, Wandering at Large: explorations and thoughts about the natural world includes a description of his book The Bears of Brooks Falls, based on his many years interpreting brown bear behavior on the Brooks River and vicinity.

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