Wednesday, July 13, 2022

A Researcher Dad's Summer Reading Club

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Ed Hessler

If you would like some help with young children who are learning to read and/or struggling with reading, this phonics-based program is worth taking a look at. It is designed for parents and early childhood caregivers.

Read Not Guess is described by the author who writes: "Get your child on the path to reading fluently with our free, 30-day reading challenge (July 18 to August 19). Daily emails with short lessons for parents will start July 18th. No time? No problem. Lessons should take 5-10 minutes. See FAQs for more details."

That reading is important in STEM education goes almost without saying but we do need to say it. And learning to read well. establishing positive reading habits from the beginning could not be more important. Of course, following this, the hope is that children will want to read for pleasure as well as for their continued learning. Reading difficulties should not get in the way.

It was developed by Chad Aldeman, a professor at Georgetown University where he is an education researcher. His primary motivation for developing the program resulted from "watching my son (8 yo) struggle with his reading."

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