Tuesday, July 5, 2022

What Annoys You About Science Reporting?

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Ed Hessler

Does anything annoy you about the reporting of science news? The click-bait headlines annoy me as well as the lack of discussion of the evidence, how good it is, absence of what it means, some history to put it in context, etc.

In a recent BackReaction column, theoretical physicist Sabine Hossenfelder over which she cleverly and acidly places a red bar in which the word BREAKING is found. The column is titled Science News Sucks. There she discusses her big or top ten bothers. And wonders whether it is only her who is annoyed by science news.

I link as you certainly must know by know to her blog post which has the narrative and the video but if you are not interested in having the transcript handy there is a link to her YouTube video. There the narrative is behind a subscription pay wall.

Hossenfelder makes some some useful comments on what science is and how it works which are always of interest to me. How are we to become literate at the citizen or general interest level if we have no idea of the hallmarks of science?

I just learned that Dr. Hossenfelder has a new book coming out for which see here There you can learn more about the book, read some reviews, learn about the author, her motivation for writing the book, and the content.

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