Tuesday, June 20, 2023


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Ed Hessler

Over at WEIT Athayde Tonhasca JĂșnior presents another of his superb expositions - text and photographs - on biology. This one is on brambles or blackberries. And it was good to see a story by Tonhasca Junior on plants, also a significant part of the wild world.

He closes by saying "So here we are. Blackberry lovers notwithstanding, brambles are generally despised components of our flora, even though they play an important part in supporting pollinators and other animals. These brambles’ customers in turn may depend on secretive moths for the sexual reproduction of their hosts. As is often the case in nature, the plot is considerably thicker than it looks."

When I was growing up a foray into bramble patches for the deliciousness of blackberries warmed by the sun made it worthwhile. Yep, it was nature red in tooth and claw...and thorns.

Thanks to Jerry A. Coyne who regularly treats readers and viewers to "Readers Wildlife Photographs" on his website,  Why Evolution is True (WEIT). I want to pass it along to others who do not know or regularly read WEIT.

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