Thursday, June 22, 2023

World Health Organization: Winners of the 2023 Health for All Film Festival

Environmental and Science Education, STEM, Health, Medicine, Science & Society, Art & Environment

Ed Hessler

"Since 2020, the Health for All Film Festival, World Health Organization (WHO) has gathered more than 4300 submissions from 110 countries. In April 2023...almost 300 titles to improve the health status of people globally. A shortlist" was selected from "WHO Staff from all over the world in the preselection. Professionals from the film industry and humanitarianism activism...and WHO senior experts made the final selections." 

The films in each of the seven categories are listed here where they are very briefly described with the film lengths. The film lengths range is from 3 to 8 minutes. I am unable to find the final selections on the WHO website and you may be more successful than me. There is a lot on that site, including the full award ceremony.

However, you can see the final selections * by clicking on the image for each in the story linked below. One link to a film is embedded in the text below the image labeled "When Climate Change Turns Violent." The reason is found in the title to the Goats & Soda report by Max Barnhart. As usual text and visuals provide a complete story about the films.
* The films that received special mention are not included in Barnhart's reporting but are probably on the WHO site.

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