Monday, January 8, 2024

Boot Technology Designed To Prevent Slippage on Ice: Tests

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Ed Hessler

In a fascinating and timely report Jonathan Jarry of the McGill Office for Science and Society discusses boots designed to stop a person from slipping on ice.

The first point he makes is that "slip resistant winter boots are severely understudied by scientists, but there is one laboratory in Toronto that specializes" in testing such footwear.

Jarry does his usual thorough inquiry of exploring all the variables, e.g., data on falls in winter including economics (Canada), the problem (reduction in friction), a commonly used test v. the tests used in Toronto's WinterLab and how they are done, what a passing score requires (based on Toronto's accessibility guidelines for curb ramps, cutting edge technology, the durability of slip resistant boots, cleats and spikes (how well they perform on other surfaces (users know about problems when transitioning from outside to inside) with links and photographs. 
One of the links is to WinterLab's ratings (snowflakes not stars). 
Jarry includes a take home message at the end.

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