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Lourinha, Portugal: Land of the Dinosaurs

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Ed Hessler

From the introduction slightly modified:

The town of Lourinha in Central Portugal is often described as a real world "Jurassic Park", a paradise of palaeontology like no other in the world. The spot was put on the map in the 1990s after the discovery of dinosaur eggs containing embryos on a local beach. With a staggering 150 million years of age, these are by far the oldest eggs of a carnivore dinosaur ever found in the world. Now more than two decades later, more nests have been discovered in the area. The small town is known as the "land of the dinosaurs".

The Wiki entry is available in 24 languages so in case it appears in Portuguese you can choose from quite a few languages.

The video is 5m 01s long and the finds it shows is a world of great wonder and promise for our understanding of ancient life.

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