Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Simple Cosmic Ray Detector

by Edward Hessler

Sean Carroll, is a theoretical physicist/cosmologist at CalTech and has been a long-time blogger (several iterations).

A recent entry is on how to construct a cosmic ray detector. Carroll introduces this lecture/demonstration by saying, "Sorry, I have no idea how to build a cloud chamber, I'm just a theorist." But Carroll found someone, who does and in a lecture-demonstration shows us how.

About his blog, he writes, "I'm a scientist, but this is absolutely not a Science Blog. It's just my blog, writing about things I like to write about. It's not a news service by any stretch of the imagination." Sometimes, he does write about heavy duty theory and I benefit from that through his explanations and the comments of physicists (not that I get it all!). 

Professor Carroll has been an Emma Kay Malmstrom lecturer in physics at Hamline University..

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