Wednesday, March 9, 2016

In the News of the Day

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Edward Hessler

"Ludic" is the featured word for today from A.Word.A.Day.

Each entry includes a thought for the day. Today it is from our own PZ Myers, professor of biology at the University of Minnesota, Morris. And that thought complements ludic while going beyond it.

PZ writes a splendid daily blog, one that covers a great deal of territory and which is wonderfully opinionated. Occasionally, he takes time to analyze and synthesize an important scientific paper.  These are great gifts to general readers for he is a great explainer.

His blog, Pharyngula, was listed by Nature as the "people's choice" in 2006, the top-ranked blog written by a scientist.

Homo Ludens is the title of a book by the Dutch scholar Johan Huizinga.  It was on the importance of play in culture and society.

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