Tuesday, September 6, 2016

5 Highlights of Working at CGEE

Michaela Koopmans

1.Working on the back porch of the Hewitt house was a good way to feel relaxed and enjoy the summer weather while doing work.

2.Reaching 300 Facebook likes was an exciting milestone. We kept a poster of a thermometer on the wall when we first created the Facebook and the goal was 100 likes. And now, a few years later, we’ve hit 300!

Student Worker Michaela Koopmans attends
Minnesota Association for Environmental Education conference
and falls in love with lichens.

3.Helping with Rivers Institutes gave me a chance to get away from my desk, learn and explore state parks, and see how the Center’s work with teachers was put into action. A few of the Institute attendees were my teachers in elementary school!

4.Building a database from scratch not only expanded my knowledge of relational databases from nothing, but also taught me valuable skills that I can continue to use throughout my life.

5.Working with great colleagues in a such a fun and supportive office has made my time at CGEE enjoyable and valuable.

Michaela Koopmans graduated from Hamline in May ’16 with a degree in Chemistry. She started working at CGEE in the summer of 2012 as a student worker, and now works as a contractor building and managing CGEE’s database. Michaela enjoys hiking, camping, archery, and finding new places to explore.

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