Monday, September 5, 2016

Wildlife Management 101

Environmental & Science Literacy
Edward Hessler

What is wildlife management, i.e., what does it mean to practice wildlife management or what do wildlife managers do?  It seems one of those great careers if you like or love the outdoors.

This video about the coyote dilemma starts with this premise: "Wildlife management is really a misnomer. It's about managing people."

The coyote.
The coyote dilemma refers to the "everywhereness" of this critter. Once confined to the central plains of North America, today it may be found most of the continent thanks to the way humans have changed the environment.

Before you watch it think about what you know about wildlife management, decide whether you agree or disagree that wildlife management is about managing people, why you believe it and what you accept as evidence?

As you watch the video, consider the evidence presented.  What is it? How good do you think it is and your reasons for accepting or rejecting it? What else would you like/need to know?

After viewing it, reconsider your initial decision. Have you changed your mind?  What are your reasons? What other questions do you have?

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