Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hamline learning lawn & garden signs

CGEE Student Voice
by Jenni Abere

In two of my classes this fall, one of our tasks is to create explanatory and educational signs for the new Hamline garden.

We need signs with basic information including: what is planted here, who started and maintains the garden, and how to get involved. Then we need signs to explain the importance and broader context of the garden.

For the basic explanatory signs, I like the idea of rotating "plant of the week" signs in addition to basic labels. These could be aligned with when the plant is ready to harvest, and include instructions for harvesting and cooking. A permanent sign is also needed to give instructions for tending to the garden (watering, weeding) and to invite people to take food.

My group in class started working on the significance/context sign. We want to focus on the topic of food security because a recent survey at Hamline found that many students are food insecure. The garden could be a small step to providing healthy food, and helping people develop the skills to grow their own food.

I'm excited about this project because I helped build and plant the garden last spring and tend to it during the summer. It's a really cool addition to campus, and I want to make sure people know how they can become involved.

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