Sunday, March 25, 2018

Mad Mike Hughes

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Edward Hessler

I wrote about Mad Mike quite a while ago, expecting that he'd rocket into space the following day or two. Here is an update.

It took longer than first announced but Mad Mike finally did it!

He blasted off from the planet in a self-designed and constructed steam-powered rocket he designed and went from a couple of meters from the ground to ~ 570 meters (~1870 feet) altitude. His estimated maximum speed was 350 mph (~563 kmh).

The landing was not soft and Mr. Hughes said that his back aches. "I'll feel it in the morning. I won't be able to get out of bed. At least I can go home and have dinner and see my cats tonight." He apparently didn't say anything about the earth's shape (round or frisbee shaped). He now plans to apply to run for governor of California.

Text and a video or two here.

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