Wednesday, August 30, 2023

A Lost World

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Ed Hessler

In a seldom visited valley known as La Mosquitia in the Honduran jungle, a scientific expedition placed motion-sensing cameras to learn more about what species were there. It is the site of a city about which almost nothing is known and referred to simply as The Lost City. The region is also the same area long believed to have been the site of the City of the Monkey God or the White City for which there has never been any evidence.

The research team was both surprised and pleased with the results because this ecosystem is even more pristine than they imagined. Many of the animals were thought to be extinct outside this remote and isolated valley. Some of the animals behaved as though they had never seen humans before.

Douglas Preston who writes for The New Yorker was on the first expedition in which evidence of the ancient city was first discovered. He has just written an essay about some things that have been learned since. It includes a link to a short tape from that first expedition.

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