Tuesday, August 22, 2023

A New Hybrid Poplar

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Ed Hessler

The "InnovaTree" is a "cottonwood-poplar hybrid that can grow up to eight feet (~2.4 m) per year." It is a result of "20 years of research at the University of Minnesota, Duluth (UMD)."

A fact sheet from the UMN lists several possible uses: a quick shade tree..., privacy screens, wildlife habitat, landscaping, windbreaks, conservation plantings, and firewood. Wild animals and birds will use hybrid poplar as a cover and food source. Commercial uses include wood chips, pulp, lumber products, and phytoremediation."

"University of Minnesota extension educator Jeff Jackson... who has been working on the new tree joined Minnesota Now  (MPR) for a discussion about this new tree." 

See these two Wiki entries for information about the eastern cottonwood and poplar.

Here is the interview with Cathy Wurzer. Ellen Finn is an MPR associate producer. The audio interview includes a transcript.


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