Sunday, August 5, 2018

A Bicentary of a Birth

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I recommend a short biography (2 pp.) about the first woman in the United States to become a professional astronomer.

The biography, by Richard Holmes was written for the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Maria Mitchell's birth (August 1,1818 - June 18, 1889). It was published in Nature.

A few quotes.

--From her travel journal on William Whewell who gave us the term "scientist."  He had no respect for women who practiced science. This is a summary of his book, The Plurality of Worlds. “The planets were created for this world; this world for man; man for England; England for Cambridge; and Cambridge for Dr Whewell!”

-- On Isaac Newton’s genius: “Newton rolled up the cover of a book; he put a small glass at one end, and a large brain at the other — it was enough.”

--Comment from a student: “A chance meeting with Miss Mitchell ... gave one always an electric shock. At the slightest contact, a spark flashed.”  

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