Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday Poem

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Edward Hessler

Greetings.Sunrise is at 6:21 am, Sunset at 1749 giving us in St. Paul, MN 11 h 22 m and 14 s of sunlight and the day has started as though we might see all of it directly.

Jim Souhan is a sportswriter for the Minneapolis Star Tribune and writing recently about MLB's hemming and hawing on a season which he thinks dumb or worse, he wrote (April 14): COVOD-19 isn't just a disease. Its an intelligence test."

Dr. Fauci has weighed in on this. It might be possible IF a number of stringent provisions were in effect,strictly followed and  enforced.

Now to the poem.

I am so glad that Knopf Poetry published this during National Poetry Month. It is about Emma and Charles Darwin. He had deep concerns about her sensitivities, including belief in god, with respect to his account of how life came to be. It is one of the reasons he was paifully slow to publish that work. In addition, he wanted more supporting evidence.

Here are two poems, written by Ruth Padel, a direct descendant of Charles Darwin.

Update: The Souhan link was added after this was posted. Sorry!

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