Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday Poem

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Edward Hessler

Greetings on this 115th day of the year. It is the 17th Friday of the 17th week of the year, and the 36th day of Spring. Sunrise at St. Paulis at 6:11 am and sunset is at 8:10 pm giving us 13 h 58 m and 17 s of light. Every day the angle of the sun gets higher.

Meteorologist Paul Douglas writes a daily weather forecast for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. In writing about the 1918 Spanish Flu he notes that "There were hucksters, scammers and conspiracy theorists in 1918, too. I hope that a vaccine comes quickly, and that after this is over, there's a new, deeper respect for experts, science and decisions based on facts, not fear."

Me too.

Today's poem is by the late Maxine Kumin.

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